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Saturday 27th February 2010

Schools Fail to Harvest Rain and Cut Water Bills

Just one in four new schools have put rainwater harvesting systems in place to help reduce water bills, writes Paul Melia.

Of the 68 primary schools built between 2006-2008, just 16 have harvesting systems which would allow rainwater to be used to flush toilets and help reduce schools' water bills.

Yesterday Senator Dominic Hannigan told a sustainable planning conference organised by the Labour Party that harvesting systems should be a requirement in all new school -building programmes.

He said: "The cost of putting a rain harvesting system into place when the school is being constructed is in the order of €20,000. This amount is recouped in savings in the years after the school opens.''

Figures supplied by the Department of Education show that less than a quarter of new primary schools built over a three-year period had a harvesting system in place, which, the senator said, showed a "lack" of forward planning.

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