Selecting Ewes for Lamb Crop 2011


Its that time of year again when selecting your Ewes for the following Spring is now critical.  Proper management of your flock over the next few weeks will impact on the size of the lamp crop and even on your workload come next Spring.  Decisions have to be made in relation to numbers, breeds, lambing dates and which Ewes to cull. 

Look at Ewes that you had trouble with last Spring.  It is best to cull them so they are not around next Spring to give you trouble again.  Ewes that prolapsed or threatened to do so are likely to do so again next Spring as this condition has a generic component.  The selection of replacement females of sound structure and genetics will help to ensure the continuance of a high quality, problem-free breeding unit.

The Independent - Farming section
August 10th 2010.

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