Sturdy Composting Bio Bin Report


Study of Cost Savings Gained by using a Sturdy Products 140lt Bio Bin versus a Standard 140lt Wheel Bin

Sturdy Products conducted a study on the savings made from using their 140Ltr Bio Bin as opposed to their standard 140Ltr Wheelie Bin. We analyse the organic waste weight reduction over a three week period using the two bins. 

The bins were filled with identical type and consistency of organic waste which consisted of grass cuttings, hedge cuttings, vacuum cleaner contents, uncooked waste vegetables and 2Ltrs of liquid. Each bin was filled with exactly the same quantity of waste – 23.9kg.

Over the course of the experiment the following areas were analysed:
- Weight Loss
- Volume Loss
- Quality of Compost
- Saving for Operator through reduced disposal costs at the weighbridge
- Saving in Transport
- Carbon Footprint

Twice per week the weight of waste, waste volume reduction and outside temperature were recorded.

The contents of 140Ltr Bio Bin after three weeks were dry, compact and useable compost.

The contents of standard 140Ltr Wheelie Bin after three weeks were wet, loose and semi-composted.

View the full composting report on the 140Ltr Bio Bin versus the standard Bio Bin here.

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