Water Shortage Fears in Ireland


After having one of the wettest and coldest winters in decades, several counties along the west of Ireland are now struggling to cope with the shortage of water.

The counties most effected are Donegal and Galway, in particular the Aran Islands. 

Galway County Council have taken water from the Spiddal public supply and transported it by tankers to Inis Mor.  Rain has fallen in Galway over the past few days however this is not enough to replenish the main city reservoir.  The council has warned that pressure in certain areas of the city may be reduced to try and conserve supplies.  Residents have been asked not to use hose pipes to water their plants and shrubs or to wash their car.  While residents in the Galway county area have had their water turned off during certain periods. Restrictions have been put in place on Inis Mor from 8pm to 8am. 

Donegal County Council has been forced to cut water supplies to residents as a result of the good weather we have been experiencing over the past few weeks.  NIghtly restrictions have been put in place and are affecting home owners in the east of Donegal.  Rainfall levels are down by 30% on the same period last year, however demand remains the same, so restrictions on some water supplies are inevitable.   

Dublins water system currently has an adequate supply of water but if high temperatures are to continue a crisis may result as the city is very dependent on weather.  Dublin City Council has asked residents to conserve water.

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